Assuming requirements can be a costly mistake. By designing each and every WAVNETsm system as a partnership between VisionAble’s engineers and the end-user's management team, we deploy scaleable solutions to a problem. We do not sell a "cookie-cutter" commodity system.

The difference is that our services begin, not end, after the initial investment.  Business solutions require relationships with partners on whom you can rely. 

VisionAble's focus is on solving client problems.  We know technology and  understand business. By providing proven, reliable solutions we help to position our clients for industry leadership.

IT oriented solutions offer the greatest flexibility to solve your problems, but like most things have their share of service requirements. 

That is why all VisionAble's WAVNETsm solutions come with support services. Though continuous system status monitoring, our service department effectively preempts most service issues... fixing them before they are problems for you. 


VisionAble deliverables focus on main components in the lifecycle of advanced video surveillance solutions.

  1. Needs Analysis

  2. Design & Engineering

  3. Hardware Procurement

  4. Implementation Services

  5. Maintenance

  6. RemoteGuard

  7. Technology Upgrades

  8. Technology Consulting Services

Needs Analysis -  The discovery phase of a project includes meeting to discuss the business problems that implementation can help to resolve. During this phase we move rapidly to determine where or if our solutions can provide measurable results.

Design and Engineering- The success of your surveillance system starts on paper. The Design & Engineering Services scope is the most critical phase of the entire project. This phase includes the pre-design for budgeting purposes.
Simple design mistakes can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. For example, pointing a camera towards the sun (e.g. east/sunrise or west/sunset) can leave your system vulnerable to blind spots or catastrophic equipment failure.
The Design and Engineering phase also allows you, the customer, to see exactly what is being provided to you leaving no misconceptions about cost, hardware and/or services proposed and the manner in which they are going to be deployed. This phase includes the diagrams and documents listed below.
These diagrams and documents will simplify asset management and reduce "meantime to restore" in the event of an outage, in addition to providing an organized solution for incidents that require video network maintenance such as software upgrades, manufacturer's recalls and other standard maintenance issues.

  • Physical Diagram

  • Schematic Diagram

  • WAVNETsm Drawings (As Required)

  • Bill of Materials Document

Procurement and Financing-VisionAble’s goal in the Hardware Procurement phase is to find the right hardware for the required design at competitive pricing. Although budgetary pricing is compiled in the Design and Engineering phase, if the cost of the required hardware is over budget, modifications to the design will be drafted to satisfy the requirements. Most security companies are not systems and network savvy. VisionAble is a highly technical video / data network engineering company making sure the network interface hardware is part of the entire scope and integrates with the video network.

VisionAble’s back office application is designed to save time and money for our customers. We have invested in software development that links our Design & Engineering phase to our Hardware Procurement phase. As an engineered drawing takes shape, the required hardware is automatically populated in the List of Materials allowing the purchasing agent to evaluate and simplify our supply chain. By integrating these two phases, hardware that was strategically placed on the drawings will not be overlooked in the procurement phase because of our custom back office application. Finally, VisionAble coordinates financing options to meet your requirements.

Implementation Services- To stay competitive, VisionAble uses both, union and non-union installation services. Although union workers are contracted, as the owner of the account and the project manager of the installation, VisionAble stands 100% behind the entire installation, guaranteeing your satisfaction.  Once installed, the implementation team works to configure and tune your solution to specifically address your stated goals.

Your sales representative is also your project manager.  One consistent point of contact keeps our projects on time and within budget, while simplifying communications between organizations. After implementation you are assigned a permanent customer support representative for all ongoing project requirements.

As with the Hardware Procurement phase, our Implementation Services phase includes components such as the internet gateway configuration and networking configuration - not just the installation of cameras and recording equipment.

Maintenance - To help protect your surveillance investment, VisionAble includes a Customer Support and Enhancement Agreement (CSEA).  The CSEA brings you a comprehensive package of service and support to sustain the surveillance solution now and into the future.  The services that are available as part of the standard Customer Support & Enhancement Agreement (CSEA) include:

  • Software

    • Support for software products provided by VisionAble

    • Customer support assistance with operational questions

    • Software Updates

  • Hardware

    • Hardware maintenance to manufacturer’s specifications

    • Parts and labor limited warranty

  • Remote troubleshooting

    • timely resolution of problems that don’t need on-site assistance

    • 24x7x365 system status monitoring

Custom support services are available as needed.  These services include but are not limited to:

  • Camera Adjustments – Focus & Positioning
  • Camera Rotation – Rotating Cameras From Enclosure to Enclosure
  • Camera & Housing Maintenance / Cleaning
  • Video Archiving Management / Backup Services
  • Remote Access Training & Support (In addition to the initial training)
  • Scheduled System Analysis
  • Etc…

Remote Guard -  RemoteGuard is VisionAble's unique remote surveillance service designed to improve quality of service while cutting costs as much as 50% over on-site guards.  With RemoteGuard technology, live video is streamed to the VisionAble monitoring center.  Skilled security technicians observe all motion-based activity to detect unauthorized intrusions.  Through individually created procedures, responses to events will range from telephone contact of a call list for next action, email of video clips to assigned individuals or authorities, or the dispatch of armed guards or local police. Un-like live guard tours, RemoteGuard can be in multiple places at one time viewing all of the activity and at a fraction of the cost while dramatically improve the quality of guard service. The ROI is incredible.  

 Technology Upgrades -  Cost-effective video recording and storage, allows virtually any client to update from “grainy” videotapes in legacy Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to digital video networks.  Coupled with low-cost bandwidth, this transition allows our clients to access their live video remotely from anywhere in the world, or to transfer the archived video offsite at real-time speeds in case of a disastrous incident. Give us a wish list of the technology upgrade you dream up, we will investigate and provide you with your options of the best technology available to meet your needs. VisionAble is technology solution focused.

Technology Consulting Services -

Project-based services include:

  • Integration Process Design & Drawings

  • Business Process Integration and Management

  • As-Built Drawing (Includes Final List of Materials)

  • Surveillance Audits

  • Surveillance Training & Reviews